Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Tamale Chief Blackmailing Me With Pretty Ladies - NTV C.E.O

According to the CEO, the Entertainment Chief has allegedly contracted the young ladies to peddle lies about him for some unknown reasons.

In a report by, though Mr Hissan did not say if there was bad blood between him and the Chief, he claims the ladies are determined to ruin his credibility.

“This is supposed to be an entertainment chief. I’m aware of your plots to blackmail me and your plots to get ladies to bear false allegations against me,” Mr. Hissan said.

This is not the first time the NTV CEO is accusing other persons in the Northern Regional capital.
Prince Siita, a months ago accused his competitors in the region, of using some ‘spiritual powers’ to bring down his TV station.

He was also quoted to have mocked the Entertainment Chief for ‘stealing’ a Porsche Cayenne vehicle belonging to a Chinese national.

“Honestly I wasn’t the one who asked you to get entangled in a stolen car issue. I’ve told you I am not aware [how] the issue trended on NTV. Yet you bear me a grudge. You can do your worse,” the CEO said.

The Tamale Chief who was not happy about Price Siita’s comment allegedly fired back on a Tamale-based radio station, accusing the TV owner of failing to come to terms with his station's shortcomings.

The Chief advised the CEO to rather concentrate on putting things in place before matters get out of hand and stop making him the subject of his problems.


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